New Concept :


Supernatural Power (mahasakti)

#Definition :

Supernatural Power is the sum total of the inner energy of the living  & nonliving objects which control each & everything in the whole universe in a systematic way.

#Explanation :

The combination of inner energy of all living object (such as human, animals , plants etc) and nonliving objects (such as earth, sun , moon, stars etc ) with also different  types of energy (light, gravitation, electricity etc)- Supernatural power (Mahasakti).

#Inner energy  not  seen , just can feel & think, like attraction of magnet & iron can’t be seen only feel.

Mahasakti have two part , one visible part and another non visible part. example- stone , man, cow, etc are visible part. Sound, air, gravitation, believe, thinking etc  are non visible part





If you swimming  in  river towards current flow, feel no more problems, but anti flow  swimming is very  difficult .  Anti flow swimming make you more strong and healthy to overcome  difficult situation in future. Same way you flow the way of existing society , not able to identify cancer disease or bad cultural rule of  the society .But when you mentally to some extent anti flow of existing  culture of the  society, you are able to identify cancer disease of the society .Here cancer disease of society means draw back of society which creates so many problems in the society.

  • Just one of the example: Snake bite treated in hospital by anti venom serum is a definitive treatment  but many people’s  give cultural treatment , as a result snake bite death case increase . Here in this example cultural treatment is a cancer disease of the society.   


  • Another example : Social Class Hindu , Muslim , Christian, Upper class, Lower class, Brahman,Sudra, Khaitrya etc is the cancer disease  of society.


If someone belongs in the Hindu religion and he or She belief Hindu Culture. He/She  can not undrstand the draw back of the hindu  Culture. The same way , one person who believes in Islam , he cannot find the draw back of the Islam culture.  In a straight way discard every Religion totally ,we have to finished the problem absolutely . For absolute solve this problem, all the religious person to become dislike origin of religion that is God , Allaha & Ishwar, because their  existence  is doubtful .For this reason we all need to find the Atheist  society  in all Direction. All we have single identity  that we are Human Being . Everybody  should rectify the others concept in right direction . We should take the good gist from the other concept . It is easy to drive a person in a wrong way by the firm faith but in real 99 %  cases is in the benefit of a doubt about the question of Existence.

 Invented by :      Dr.Dinesh Chandra Gain                                                             


                             (through 20 years Social research)


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