DEFINITION :- Social antivirus is an alternative thinking process in which we will be able to remove  the bad effect of the society by social viral diseases identification and destroy that effect in a scientific way without creating any side effects of the smooth and normal wealthy society and its development.


(a).This website is about super understanding method and new perception of human being.

       For understanding this concept at first we have to read and think more and more about this website pages.

        For better understanding we have to discard the religion like MUSLIM,HIUNDU,CHRISTIAN or others existing in the world.

      In this living mortal world we are only human being with no division among us. Simply  male and female sub classes are there not others religion or caste included here.

    We always take the upgraded version of everything , why don’t we take as new perception and concept of future progressive society in our mind.

(b). Now a days computer plays a very important role in a human development.  After running some days computer attacked by viruses. This viruses attack the content of computer with damage and destroy the working capacity of the computer.

SO ,it is necessarily to install the antivirus software to the effected computer for smooth running and functioning of the computer.

This antivirus software detect the viruses and the defected portion of the computer and also removed the viruses and repair the defect portion of computer for smooth functioning of the computer.

Normal function of the computer is maintained when anti virus software continuously working in the operating system.

Like that modern human society development through many  years of modeling and remodeling process which we do not know properly till now.

Many eminent persons have contributed their work for modeling and remodeling process of society, during this process various viral diseases attack in our society. Here, this viral diseases is not micro-organism which is dealt with medical sciences.

But this social viral diseases is the bad effect of society by bad  thinking and bad behavior changes of human being.

In this website we are able to describe and identified social viral problem and solve them properly and through bad things in the dust bin.

This is very difficult to identify, change and destroy the social viral problem. but here we try and try, and to solve that problems.

First we create theory then practical, after that simultaneously we changes the software circuit of thinking process of human being by love and sharing problem to each others with humanity.

Here we able to learn what is good or not for the welfare of the society by understanding method.



  • Problems and solutions:

1.Murder case is a viral disease of society. Murder is the top most crime in the whole world. To prevent this types of crime the society have to create a separate special department. Like “Top Investigation Department”(TID)

         This department only handle murder case and any types of unnatural death. Civil and others Criminal case handle by any other department like “Normal Investigation Department”(NID).



The officer of TID only concentrated to murder cases and not to be overloaded by less important criminal and civil cases.

They are expertise about the murder case only, so, they can be able to catch the criminal and punished them.

By punishing the criminals of the society, all criminal in the society fears and stop the game of murder. Criminal person understand, if they do it , once upon a time they will be caught and punished.

Simultaneously convey to peoples that we are human being have no power to give a life to the dead body.

Hence way, we have no right to take a life in this world without the permission of the super natural power(MAHASAKHTI).

Simple way , we can not give a life .

So, we have no right to destroy any life also.


Murder is against of the super natural power (Mahasakti),Humanity , Development and in future our existence.

So, we request to all people of this living world to stop the game of any type of murder.


  • 2.Non fruits trees plantation is a viral disease:-

Here those plant gives us fruit which eatable are called fruit trees and those fruit is not eatable are called non fruit trees.

Fruit trees gives us fruit every year .So , major bulk food supply to some extended to reduce our more populated country, those trees gives us also wood supply at the end of their life.

 Non fruit trees gives us only wood supply at the end of their life but these trees not supply eatable fruit entire their whole of the life.

Though both types of trees prevent pollution and gives us oxygen supply for living and maintain better environment.

At the present scenario we noticed that there are lots of   non fruits   tree plantation   in  the government land area.

Fruit trees gives us fruit ,as a result so many hungry people which are lived in below  poverty line can satisfy their hunger by eating this fruits.

As a consequence less production main bulk of food like rice, wheat, and others also maintain food supply to entire population of our country.

Fruit trees gives us food and economical support every year but non fruits trees gives us economical support at their end of life by wood supply.

In draught year when rice, wheat and others major bulk food production are in less amount ,these fruit trees help us to supply the food chain as substitute of the main stream of our foods.

Because this fruit trees production are not depend upon the weather in draught year and the fruit production for few years not depend upon the seasonal rain.

But rice, wheat and other major food production mainly depends upon the seasonal rain in our country.

As an example , mango trees help a hungry person to satisfy his or her hunger by eating mangoes.

As a pilot project, I have planted lots of mangoes trees in the Burwan Rural Hospital ,Murshidabad, West Bengal, India. Where I have been posted us a Block Medical Officer of health , without help of Government subcity.

So, more and more non fruit trees plantation by Government policy is a viral disease.

Opposite sense fruit trees plantation is a anti viral process of the said viral disease

Being such circumstance , we should planted the 80% varieties of fruit trees and 20% non fruit trees for better improving the world in future. We accepted 20% of varieties of non fruit trees have to plant because of their existence in environment is necessarily and also their species in the world, otherwise the non fruit trees will be abolished in the world and it is dangerous  for environment and development also.

So our goal is to prevent the world from pollution, starving peoples, wood supply and also socio economic status of human being by more and more plantation of the fruit trees

This is done by changing government policy and peoples back dated mind setup.


(3)  Bad Relation with neighbor is a social viral        disease:

We have studied that good relationship with neighbor is break down easily and it is stay for a longer period.

It is due to some disputes among themselves like boundary of their house, movement of pet, mutual transaction of money and so many matters also which are endless.

This problem is accompanied every family with their neighbor in the world.

In the same way this is also happened to every country with their neighbor country.

We have also noticed that when a family facing sudden troubles his or her neighbor family will help them to come out from that sudden cause immediately.

But this circumstances longer distance family can not sought out that problem immediately due to their obstruction of distance.

Bad relation with neighbor is harmful to us because it destroy mental soundness, creates anxiety to the peoples of the family.

It creates mental distresses in childhood life by their restricted movement with their neighbor family.

Greater issues among with the neighbor may be turned to physical assault with each others.

But sometimes the small matters also create a big noise which may turned to physical assault between them , if the relation is not smooth or healthy among the neighbor.

Economical burden will be creates by the disputes with the neighbor through criminal or civil cases turn over.

 So, we concluded that bad relationship with the neighbor is a viral disease of the society.

Opposite sense, good relationship with neighbor is a antiviral of above said viral disease.

To way out from this viral disease we have to take adequate remedy to change bad ones into the good relationship.


The measures are

(a) Permanent boundaries around the houses with the amicable settlement with neighbor.


(b) Try to avoid the mutual transaction to some extend it will be done for important cases.

Monetary involvement increase depend upon the long turn economical transaction run smooth among them but precaution should be taken continuously for fear of breakdown of relationship in future.

(c) If any problem arises, to solve as early as possible, delay measures to solve this problem will be creates far distance among them.

It is remember that long term conflict can not be removed or solve easily.

(d) Try to speak each other’s continuously and exchange well wishes to each others.

Peoples should not be stop communicating each others any circumstances.

(e) We should not take any thing from the neighbors without their permission.

In the same way this above measures also be taken for a country with neighbor country.

In this smooth way bad relation viral disease can be removed from the world by such antiviral measures social software install process.

We request to all peoples and countries to maintain good relation with their neighbor’s peoples or country.

(4)  Early drop out from school or institution of a student  is a viral disease of our society .

Explanation :

As a example in a coconut  or palm like trees , absence of their head portion , it will be valueless tree in their kingdoms as well as  human being except of their wood supply for us.

But in presence of upper portion it is more valuable

things in the society because it gives us fruits .

Like that, if any student  stop  before end of their higher education  like graduation or master degree , they suffer many problem in their life for this wrong decision .

So early droop out from school  or higher study from institution is a viral disease.

In coconut , palm or other fruit trees not gives us flowers or fruits, if they are not matured properly . These trees takes some years to give us fruit. If we want early fruit by any chemicals or  any other modern procedure , they can not give the fruit properly . So we should wait for certain age of the trees for fruit production.

If we try to make flowers and fruits  by applying heavy  chemicals or ultramodern procedure, it may harmful to the trees and also some time destroy the trees .

In the same way , if any  student stop their study before end of their educational life and early start to earn money for assist his/her family.

It is very harmful  of student in  our society as well as our nation’s progress . If any student discarded of their study at early stage, their knowledge is not competence to accommodate  better professional work. Early dropout from study, the opportunity of government service will be to some extend closed in future.

Empowering the better job either in government or any private company required high educational qualification.

If a person is not highly qualified , the nearby people of his/her local area is not respect them properly . The local people will pay the homage to the highly educated person normaly.

So, early dropout is a viral disease of our young generation. We are noticed that many young generation has  tendency to earn money in early life .

So, they  leave their  education and try to go outside of India or any private limited company to fulfill their early monetary satisfaction. For this reason they are not avail a good  respectable job and good responsible citizen .


Remedy :

  • To take initiative of parents for the education of their children at least graduation level. This mind setup will prevent and decrease the droop out percentage of young generation.
  • To motivate young generation to educate higher level for better job and opportunity.
  • To some extend economical support to young generation as well as their parents.
  • School and college fees must be affordable to every classes of student in our society by government policies.
  • Give a support of school dress, travail fare and other necessary things about student’s education.
  • Adequate nutritive food supply is also necessary of every student.
  • By the government Policies, the books should be supply to all level education without any cost.

                So early dropout of any student from education  is a viral disease and prevention of dropout by above said remedy is  a anti viral of that disease .


(5)    Changing food habit to abolish human subclases ::
Population ranking as per food habit :-
Rank 1:-
Rank 1 population group always try to save others living life by change their food habit.This group always safe animal life because each animal right to lead their normal life in this world.
So they eat fruit without seed because seed is a starting point of plant’s life.Milk and milk product,which not hamparing of animal life.So fruit juice without destroing seed because seed is a life,from which new growingplant develop.
This small proportion of food not sufficient to supply food for larger population in the world. So next ranking to be extended..
Rank 2:-
Rank 2 population group are belong to strictly vegetarian group. This group of people not eating animal meat. So not hampering animal life because animal life hampering is so much cruelty.
So above two ranking group of people more better than following group of people.
Rank 3:-
Rank 3 population group is eating above two group food habit with egg. Egg in which movement and sense not develop, so this life from eaten less cruelty than killing of movement and sense develop born animal.
Rank 4:-
Rank 4 population group eaten above three population group food habit plus meat of more egg given animal meat like hen ,duck, fish.
People of whole world not eaten meat of mammalian.
This changing food habit help to maintain relation common food habit of different man made sub classes of human society. This food habit destroy the binding of division between different subclass and help to abolish the human society ..
We are always try to enter group 1 and group 2 population group by changing food habit to save others animal’s life….




New Concept :

Supernatural Power (mahasakti)

#Definition :

Supernatural Power is the sum total of the inner energy of the living  & nonliving objects which control each & everything in the whole universe in a systematic way.

#Explanation :

The combination of inner energy of all living object (such as human, animals , plants etc) and nonliving objects (such as earth, sun , moon, stars etc ) with also different  types of energy (light, gravitation, electricity etc)- Supernatural power (Mahasakti).

#Inner energy  not  seen , just can feel & think, like attraction of magnet & iron can’t be seen only feel.

Mahasakti have two part , one visible part and another non visible part. example- stone , man, cow, etc are visible part. Sound, air, gravitation, believe, thinking etc  are non visible part





If you swimming  in  river towards current flow, feel no more problems, but anti flow  swimming is very  difficult .  Anti flow swimming make you more strong and healthy to overcome  difficult situation in future. Same way you flow the way of existing society , not able to identify cancer disease or bad cultural rule of  the society .But when you mentally to some extent anti flow of existing  culture of the  society, you are able to identify cancer disease of the society .Here cancer disease of society means draw back of society which creates so many problems in the society.

  • Just one of the example: Snake bite treated in hospital by anti venom serum is a definitive treatment  but many people’s  give cultural treatment , as a result snake bite death case increase . Here in this example cultural treatment is a cancer disease of the society.   


  • Another example : Social Class Hindu , Muslim , Christian, Upper class, Lower class, Brahman,Sudra, Khaitrya etc is the cancer disease  of society.


If someone belongs in the Hindu religion and he or She belief Hindu Culture. He/She  can not undrstand the draw back of the hindu  Culture. The same way , one person who believes in Islam , he cannot find the draw back of the Islam culture.  In a straight way discard every Religion totally ,we have to finished the problem absolutely . For absolute solve this problem, all the religious person to become dislike origin of religion that is God , Allaha & Ishwar, because their  existence  is doubtful .For this reason we all need to find the Atheist  society  in all Direction. All we have single identity  that we are Human Being . Everybody  should rectify the others concept in right direction . We should take the good gist from the other concept . It is easy to drive a person in a wrong way by the firm faith but in real 99 %  cases is in the benefit of a doubt about the question of Existence.






Invented by :      Dr.Dinesh Chandra Gain                                                             


                             (through 20 years Social research)



  1. It’s a great thought.this thought will be bring a new sun rise in all people’s everyday’s life.thank u sir

  2. Dear Sir.
    Regarding Social anti virus your opinion is perfect.
    For murder cases government should have different investigatory team or department is definitely a good thinking.
    The measures to slove bad relation with neighbours is absolutely right and all the measures are adequate for remady.
    Great job carry on.. we are with you to spread it worldwide.


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