We consider the ramifications of the most recent advances in logical learning for the ranges of contention determination and world peace. We inspect logical confirmation for another innovation of world peace in light of the bound together field of characteristic law and its handy usage through expanded, field impacts of cognizance. We evaluate the reasonableness of this new innovation utilizing immediate, trial intercession considers in basic test districts, including the Middle East. We reason that this innovation of world peace offers a savvy, logically approved methods for accomplishing and maintaining a steady condition of peace in the worldwide field.



Disclosure of the Unified Field

The Unified Field and Consciousness

The Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field

Life as per Natural Law

Flexibility from Stress

Field Effects of Consciousness

Chronicled Development

Time Series Analysis

Late Intervention Studies

Lessening of Violence in the Middle East Through the Maharishi Effect

Physical Interpretation


Informative supplement: Qualities of the Unified Field



Lately, examine into the likely explanations of war has prompted a move from the understanding that contention begins in the deficiencies of different types of government as well as the absence of readiness for war(ref. 1) to seeing absence of satisfaction of people and coming about anxiety levels in the public eye as the fundamental cause.(ref. 2) From this present day point of view, one can comprehend why the customary political and military methodologies, which overlook the basic reason for war, have bombed all through history to accomplish world peace.

Luckily, in the previous couple of years, a totally new approach in light of the discovery(ref. 3) of the bound together field has offered ascend to a viable and financially savvy technology(ref. 4,5) for easing aggregate anxiety, and for accomplishing and supporting a steady condition of world peace.


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